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The warm-up is the first crucial step an athlete must take before competition, practice or training.

Athletes often do not take the necessary time to complete a thorough warm-up before these events. Lack of time or boredom with the process is cited as a reason for not wanting to participate in this most important task.

What is sometimes forgotten is that in order to prepare the body both physically and mentally, a well constructed warm-up is essential. An appropriate warm-up may result in:

  1. Increased range of motion

  2. Increased body and muscle temperature:

    • Helps decrease muscle stiffness and lessen the risk of injury

    • Increase muscle blood flow through tissue

    • Increase speed of nervous impulses

3. Improved coordination and reaction times

4. Mental preparation for the upcoming training and/or match

Remember, a warm-up is no different than the heart of your training program. It should be changed and adjusted in order to address your needs and to stave off boredom.

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