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You'll feel right at home in our two-story, incredibly spacious fitness facility that includes cardio machines, weights & a punching bag. Our daily group classes, free to our members, are located in one of our multiple fitness studios, including a multi-level spinning studio and a Zen yoga studio. ​

At Club CDL, we don’t see fitness as the pursuit of a perfect body, but as a state of mind and a way of life. We see fitness as a sport, not a means to get to a short-term goal. It is a sport in which you develop values that are useful in your everyday life: consistency, determination, patience, and the will to always raise the bar for yourself.

That’s is why we developed the CDL approach.


Conditioning: work outside of your comfort zone, surpass yourself and push yourself to a new level.


Determination: everyday, do something to keep the motivation coming. We offer a team of dedicated trainers to help you stay focused and determined. Do not hesitate to ask for their help for a private training, to plan your workouts, to reach a specific goal, or to correct your movements. They are here to give you the extra push you need, when you need it.

Lifestyle: all this hard work at the gym finally pays off in your everyday life. 

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